And the Results Are....

Yesterday at 5:00 our family met up at Prenatal Imaging for a sonogram of Baby Hinson #2. We were all so excited to find out the sex of this baby. I was anxious when we go there but excited too. Time went by fast as we were waiting.

We got into the room and the sonographer started looking around at Baby Hinson #2 and everything was going great. After about 3 or 4 minutes she said, "I think I see boy parts" and a few seconds later, she confirmed!

Another boy for us! That makes 4 grandsons for my Mom and Dad!

We are so excited!

Now it is on to choosing a name. The second has not proven to be as easy as the first. We know as soon as we were told Judah was a boy that he would be Judah Zachry Hinson. This baby is nameless for now. Although we do have a few maybes.

I called one of my friends on the way home, who is also pregnant with her second (another boy), and told her to "break out the sports equipment"! We certainly will need it with all the boy around!

Yay for boys!


Counting Down

I am counting down the hours until we find out if Baby Hinson #2 is a boy or girl. Our appointment at Prenatal Imaging is at 5:00.

We don't care if this is a boy or a girl. We will be thrilled either way!

4 hours and counting!!!!



As most of you know, Josh works at Verizon and with that come retail hours. Recently, his store has gone to 4, 10 hour days. When this change first happened, I thought I would love this because he would have off 3 days a week. While this will be great during the summer and I am off work, it has been difficult in the mean time. Since the work days are longer, the earliest he gets off is 7:30... which really means 8:00. So, obviously, this does not leave us a lot of time together on those days.

You probably know too, that Josh is in school working on his MAT- Master's of Art in Teaching. Josh has to schedule his work days around school; that means one of his days off has to be a school day. Our schedules are so opposite on these days that we don't see each other until late at night and some days he doesn't see Judah :(

Anyway, school's out for the summer (I think of Guitar Hero when I say that:))- for Josh that is- and we have more time together! I only have 12 more days of school!

Today is one of Josh's days off this week and I am so excited to have a full afternoon/ evening with him and Judah when I get off. We are just grilling out dinner and relaxing at home (watching American Idol of course) but I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to it!

It is the small things in life that make me happy!


Fabulous Friday

Why is today SO fabulous?
Well, I am thinking about all the exciting things are coming up within the next month!
1. Tomorrow: Jenn and boys come to AUG for a month :) YAY! Mom, Dad, Judah, and I will be driving to the ATL airport to pick them up. They land at 3:45 and I cannot wait!
2. Next weekend, I am going with my sister and some other girls to Charleston for my cousins bachelorette weekend. Should be lots of fun and a great getaway!
3. May 9th I will be celebrating my FIRST Mother's Day! This is super exciting for me! I am so blessed with a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, and FABULOUS son! I am so thankful for Judah. The Lord has blessed me!
4. May 12th I am going to ANTIGUA!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am thrilled? My cousin, Christie, is getting married at the Sandals resort there. Both my sister and I are in the wedding. Josh and I, Jenn and Jim, and Mom and Dad are all going. This will be a great vacation!
5. School is out May 21st!!!! Only 20 more days. Don't get me wrong, I do love my job but a break is always nice!
This next is going to be great!


Happy 101

So, a few days ago, I received this "Happy 101" award from my sister!

Yay!!! I love winning things!!!

Here is how it works:

1. When you receive this award, you must thank the person that gave it to you.

2. Name 10 things that make you happy :)

3. Pass the award along to other bloggers and inform them of how this works.

Here goes:

Thank you Jennifer for giving me this award! I love you sis, and can't wait until you are back in AUG for good!!!

10 things that make me happy (in NO order at all):

1. My Lord! He supplies all my needs and blesses me beyond measure!

2. Sushi! I LOVE it! especially from Tako Sushi :)

3. Hearing Judah laugh. Let me tell you, he just laughs so hard from his belly and it is SO sweet!

4. Getting the news of new babies! See my last post :)

5. Birthdays! I think they are the best!

6. My family.... EVERYONE! Josh, Judah, parents and in-laws, siblings, nephews- LOVE them all!!!

7. Summer vacations! Can't wait to go to the beach twice this summer!!!

8. Taking naps! A Sunday afternoon ritual at my house..... well, at least for JZ and me!

9. Exercising! and I can finally start back! My doctor had me take a few weeks off in early pregnancy but I go the "all clear" yesterday to start back! Looking forward to spinning again!

10. ICE CREAM!!!!!! love, love, love it :)

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Judah is going to be a BIG brother!
That is right, I am pregnant with our second baby! Baby Hinson #2 is due November 3rd, 2010!!!
Josh and I are super excited about having another little one in the house with us! Judah is so laid back so I am confident that he will adjust well to the new addition.
We do ask that you pray for us as we get ready for our blessing. We still need to sell our house and need some clarification on another decision for our family.
Prayers are welcomed and appreciated!
When I get home tonight, I will post a video of my mom's reaction to the news.... hillarious!
Yay for babies!
Check out www.haleylambphoto.blogspot.com for a sampling Judah's 9 month pictures!